"Call architecture organic to distinguish it from the psuedoclassic order of the schools, derived mainly from grafted attempts at reclassification called the "international style." A cliche. Architecture is organic only because intrinsic. In the reflex it seeks to serve man rather than trying to become a force to rule over him. Another reason why we say organic architecture cultivates "the space within" as a reality instead of the roof and walls: it is building from the inside out, instead of from outside in..."

-Frank Lloyd Wright,
The Living City.
The New American Library, New York, 1958, pp 96-97."
re·al es·tate ar·chi·tect Pronunciation: 'rE(–&)l is-'tAt 'är-k&-"tekt Function: noun Etymology: Modern American Definition: a person who designs and guides a plan or undertaking to offer or acquire an interest in land or other fixed, permanent property e.g. a dwelling.

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